Ten years ago, on May 20, 2008, Kaskade released his fifth studio album, Strobelite Seduction. This album contained Kaskade’s first work with deadmau5, including the hits “Move For Me” and “I Remember.” It’s a classic album that should be in any dance music fan’s library.

The 10th anniversary of the album crept up on Kaskade recently and he hurriedly rushed to create a set around it. It was revealed within the EDC Las Vegas app that Kaskade will be playing a special set on the Parliament art car at 4:30am on Friday, May 18 that will play the album out in full (plus some extra goodies).

As Kaskade himself says, this will be a first, and not something you’d want to miss. He’ll have to compete against Cirez D during that time slot, but true fans will no doubt be rushing to the art car.


Photo via Demian Becerra for Life Is Beautiful