Being born in the UK and spending most of your time living between LA and Shanghai puts an interesting perspective on your influences. Blending sounds from every culture in three massive melting pots is the secret ingredient to Conrank’s latest Distorted Method EP, out now on Circus Records.

Spanning 5 tracks, the EP takes on many characteristics of the wonky bass realm, similar to guys like Tsuruda, Buku, Space Jesus, or Wooli. On the other hand, some tracks dive deeper into the classic dubstep sounds of the UK underground with influences from Loefah, Benga, and Caspa.

The one thing that all the tracks have in common, with the exception of “Talk About,” which plays more like an interlude, is that they are all exceptionally heavy and unrelenting.

Distorted Method is not something to put on when you want to chill. It’s a balls out work of art that requires your utmost attention and desire to get freaky. Check it out below.