Zedd is still enjoying the fruits of his collaboration with Grey and Maren Morris, “The Middle,” as the song has recently shot up once again to the top of the charts. But a musician’s job is never over, and the music must keep coming, so Zedd’s been in the studio cooking up something new.

He posted some clips of his most recent work in progress on Instagram yesterday, sharing a photo of a project file, a short clip of some arpeggiated chords (that sound very much like they’re harking back to the days of Clarity), and a reminder to always “take great care” of your automations.

While fans have been split about his recent focus on pop music, Zedd is still one of the most talented producers in the game at his level; and if this song really is a throwback to his Clarity days, then fans are sure to be ecstatic.

It’s too early to call this any specific genre, but we bet we’ll be hearing a more finished version at his own festival in Los Angeles on July 3. For now, check out the clip below.


Photo via Rukes.com