Since even before Pendulum’s remix album The Reworks was announced, fans have been excited for this remix of “The Island” by Skrillex. It was dropped by Ekali in Los Angeles during his tour last year (the video has been deleted), and ever since, hype around the remix has been at full tilt. After all, it’s new Skrillex…

Still, as we mentioned with his teaser yesterday, dubstep fans will be disappointed. This remix is definitely some great euphoric future bass, but it’s not heavy, nor is it really even headbang-worthy. What we get instead is a brilliantly composed remix that makes excellent use of the source material while adding some new flavor to the mix.

That instantly recognizable brass line is still front and center, giving the track a backbone upon which to stand. Rob’s vocals are also still there, though it seems that Skrillex might have added some of his own pitched up vocal chops to the mix to really add his own signature sound to it all. In addition to the vocal chops, the rhythm and percussion are also both stereotypically Skrillex.

Skrillex’s remix comes as the fourth single off The Reworks, following remixes by Noisia, Icarus, and Knife Party. The Reworks drops in full on June 29.

Pendulum – The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn) (Skrillex Remix)


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