The last new bit of deadmau5 officially released was over a year ago, 2017’s stuff i used to do. And even then, that album wasn’t entirely new material, but rather a “retrospective compilation album” of tracks he’d demo’d or never released over the course of his career. So then the last true album was 2016’s W:/2016ALBUM, meaning it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten some new material out of the mau5.

To his credit, Joel has acknowledged this and apologized to fans for the “music draught.” Beyond creating his own gaming center and getting married in the time between W:/2016ALBUM and now, not to mention his orchestral compilation album Where’s The Drop?, he’s also been working on a film score.

Deadmau5 spoke to Billboard in April after the release of Where’s The Drop? about wanting to get into film scoring, saying, “Hopefully this [album/project] kind of puts me on the radar with professionals in that area or even the public to want something like that. It would be cool to custom-write music for some kind of story. That’d be cool.”

Safe to say, it worked.

Keep an eye out for more news regarding this score, and what film it could be for, in the coming months. And hopefully we’ll get some new deadmau5 music as well in the meantime!


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