A number of music fans at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this weekend were extremely put off by Eminem‘s use of realistic gun shot effects during his set. And, many of those people have been sounding off on Twitter ever since.

The noise had some running and ducking for cover, while others knew this was a signature part of Eminem’s set, heard particularly towards the ending of his classic original “Kill You.” There’s no denying, the rapper’s lyrics have always been violent, vulgar, and borderline offensive — so should he change in light of recent events?

Em’s use of gun shots do come off as quite tone def for the occasion. Especially considering many of Bonnaroo’s attendees may not be as familiar with the Saturday headliner’s material as his OG fans are. On the other hand, it’s Slim Shady we’re talking about here. The rapper recently closed out Coachella and we didn’t hear similar complaints.

It’s not uncommon for gun shots to be used in all sorts of genres of music, from trap, to g-house, to dubstep, and of course, hip hop. However, we see both sides here — especially if the gun shots sounded as authentic as these fans claim.

See what Twitter has to say and check out the clip below… What do you think?

Eminem “Gun Shots” at Bonnaroo

Eminem – Bonnaroo 2018