Terravita are one of my first loves in dance music, that’s for absolute sure. When I found them through “Up In The Club,” I knew I’d stumbled upon something special. Now, 8 years down the road, sounds have changed and so have Terravita.

Terravita teams up with Chime and Akylla on their new single “Go Higher,” and without a doubt it’s one of our favorite bass tracks of the year so far. There’s a brilliant blend of both hard and soft elements without every sacrificing energy and intensity.

There’s the first drop, which is augmented by Akylla’s incredible voice, hitting those perfect notes to seriously amplify the intensity and suspense that’s created along with that percussion. When the drop finally hits, you’re hit with nastily distorted bass synths and beautiful melodic chords all at once, working in perfect harmony. It switches up, emphasizing harder and then softer, all while keeping that same melody and feeling throughout.

Chime’s influence on the record is noticeable as well, adding a certain flair to the wobbles and melodies in his own way.

Then the second drop… oh my. We’ll just leave that for you to discover on your own.

Check out “Go Higher” below and grab it for free here!