RL Grime‘s new album, NOVA, releases next month on July 27. He just revealed the album tracklist on Twitter, revealing surprising news: an unreleased Jack Ü track will be included.

The third song on NOVA is “Light Me Up” featuring Miguel and Julia Michaels. For Jack Ü, Skrillex and/or Diplo fans, that track may be recognizable. An unreleased Jack Ü track dubbed “Light Me Up” that also featured Miguel and Julia Michaels made the leak rounds last year. The super duo has since disbanded, but it looks like the track found new life.

The Apple tracklist for NOVA confirms Diplo and Skrillex as producers for “Light Me Up.” Under the producers list, both of the Jack Ü members are listed. However, the track itself is not listed as a collaboration with Jack Ü. Heck, the track isn’t even listed as a collaboration with Skrillex or Diplo.

Source: r/trap

We doubt RL Grime, Diplo or Skrillex will comment on the background to “Light Me Up,” but we’re happy it’s seeing the light of day. Tune in soon to listen to RL Grime’s version of the unreleased collaboration.


Cover photo: Rukes