We’ve barely had time to recover since the last 1788-L track, a collaboration of huge proportions with Illenium and Said The Sky, reimagining two of their tracks into the inimitable “Sound Of Where’d U Go.” Now, the mystery producer is back again with a new remix of Skrillex’s hit “Would You Ever” with Poo Bear.

The original “Would You Ever” is more of a summery track, meant for chill drives along the coast or going to the beach with your friends, much like the music video for the song suggests. In contrast, 1788-L’s remix is dark and ominous, an interesting pairing with Skrillex’s modulated wails. The drops, however, are intense and powerful and fit in neatly with 1788-L’s established aesthetic.

But even with the usual 1788-L sound, we still get a taste for more four-on-the-floor, house-style instrumentation in the last drop. That being said, the first drop is still classic 1788-L madness.

The remix is available as a free download now here. Check it out below.