Fans may expect their favorite artists to constantly release new music, tour, post social media updates, etc. But, artists are humans, too. They need a break sometimes. Skrillex embodies this more so than most producers, we imagine. He’s been pretty quiet lately, but he’s given a quick update.

Skrillex tweeted yesterday, his first tweet directly addressing his fans in a while. He assured everyone he wasn’t dead (though we’re not sure why anyone would think that). He asked everyone to be patient, and that he just needed some time to relax. Fans keep requesting new music and a new album, but c’mon, give the man a break!

Skrillex hasn’t tweeted much the past few months aside from a few notable instances. He unveiled his “The Island Pt. 1 (Dawn)” remix for Pendulum‘s upcoming remix album The Reworks. He also tweeted a tribute to Avicii after the Swedish producer unexpectedly committed suicide in April.

Patience, everyone. We’re sure Skrillex will release more music sooner rather than later.