Artists, managers, and labels are always looking for new ways to expose new fans to music. Keeping your core audience happy is important, but gaining new fans and growing ensures that you turn a hobby into a career. It’s with that ethos in mind that mobile app Beat Fever, already boasting 8.6 million users worldwide, is unveiling their new marketing platform.

In short, Beat Fever acts like Guitar Hero or Tap Tap in that you tap to the beat of a song for a high score. In reality, the game is a portal to new music in an exciting and inventive way.

Users complete a challenge on any specific song and are prompted to listen to the whole song on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more. Players average 34 plays per song and Beat Fever has driven over 49 million clicks outbound in months.

The game is already garnering appeal from deals with artists like Steve Aoki and R3hab, as well as labels like Spinnin’ and Monstercat.

“Beat Fever licenses and markets my music to fans around the world creating a whole new avenue for my music on the mobile phone. What else do you need to know?” says R3HAB. “I’ve seen amazing engagement on Facebook, and millions of streams of my new songs through their support. I can’t wait to drop my new album in Beat Fever, as part of my global marketing plan this coming August.”

By promoting songs in-game, artists are engaged with millions of fans they might have never reached; or, they’re engaging with people who are already fans in a new and exciting way. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win for the artist.

Beat Fever is available for iOS via iTunes and for Android via Google Play.