Here’s your heartwarming story for the week: a Justice member has come to the rescue of a Reddit user whose iPod died.

Reddit user effennekappa posted a photo of his iPod Classic that had a sticker of Justice’s album art on the back. Unfortunately, effennekappa announced that the iPod had played its last song after a long 10 years. Luckily, an unlikely hero came to save effennekappa’s day.

Justice member Xavier de Rosnay replied to effennekappa’s post, offering something amazing. Rosnay offered to send effennekappa a new iPod loaded with some new Justice music. Basically, effennekappa got the deal of a lifetime: he got to interact with a Justice member, got offered to replace his iPod, and then learned he’ll receive new Justice music. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Check out photos of effennekappa’s late iPod and Rosnay’s Reddit photo for proof below:

Credit: effennekappa

Credit: Xavier de Rosnay


Cover photo: Rukes