Terror and tragedy struck at an arts festival last night in Trenton, New Jersey as a shooting broke out. At least 20 people were injured (some reports say 22), 17 attributed to gunshots, and one was pronounced dead. Four people including one 13-year-old boy are said to still be in critical condition.

The family friendly, 24-hour cultural community event known as Art All Night Trenton became the target of gunfire around 2:45 am. Witnesses say the music fell silent and it looked like there was about to be a fight before “all hell broke lose.”

At least two suspects opened fire, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri. One is now in custody, and the other was killed.

Multiple weapons have since been recovered from the scene of the horrific crime. Officers have alluded to the possibility of even more shooters.

Theories of a rival gang fight or a terrorist attack have stirred up, but Onofri asks that people wait on the speculation. The investigation is still underway.

“We could make a lot of comments right now, but until everything gets pieced together and evaluated, I think it’s reckless to talk about it,” he said.

The event’s director, Joe Kuzemka shared on social media, “Something unbelievably tragic happened last night and I don’t quite know how to process this. My heart hurts so much. I’m so sad. I’m incredibly angry. I’m exhausted. I’m scared. I’m confused.”

Art All Night Trenton featured 1,500 pieces of local art including live murals and displays. Over 60 musical acts were set to perform over three stages. The remainder of the event has been canceled.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected.


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