There’s a troubling amount of sexual harassment that goes on at music festivals and now we’re getting a grip on just how bad the problem is.

According to a new, shocking report, nearly half of female attendees — about 43% under the age of 40 — say they’ve experienced unwanted sexual behavior at music festivals. Overall, 22% of festival goers say they have faced sexual harassment or assault regardless of gender, and 30% of all women.

Unwelcome, forceful dancing and verbal sexual harassment were the two most common forms of unwanted advances. Perhaps what’s most startling — of the 1,188 people and unique incidents surveyed by YouGov, only 2% of those encounters were reported to police.

It seems men are more likely to speak up when it comes to these situations. According to the same study, 19% of male victims of sexual assault reported their experiences to festival staff while only 1% of women came forward.

Battle Off Sexual Harassment

We can all help put a stop to rape culture and sexual harassment within the EDM community. Rape Crisis expert Katie Russell shared some helpful tips for battling off sexual harassment with BBC News:

-Bystanders should engage the victim, ask what they’d like to do about the situation
-Survivors, surround yourselves with people you trust
-Victims may be in shock, so stay warm and hydrated
-If you want to report a case of sexual harassment, seek out security staff
-Victims should always know — it wasn’t your fault

She asserts, “Peer intervention can be powerful.”

Get Help

In the UK, festivals including The Green Man and Bestival have harm reduction programs, police presence, and best practices put in place by staff to help keep everyone comfortable, safe, and having a great time. But still, sexual harassment can happen to anyone. Victims should feel that they have a voice — don’t ever be afraid to speak up.

Anyone affected by sexual assault or harassment, at any time, can speak to someone available through organizations including The Survivor’s Trust, Rape Crisis or Survivors UK.


Source: BBC News | Photo: aLIVE Coverage

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