Lido’s infatuation with Kanye West is well-documented. Back in 2016, he took West’s The Life Of Pablo and reimagined it, condensing it into an 8-minute masterpiece that combined West’s penchant for lyricism with his own unique production style.

Now, he’s done it again with West’s collaborative album Kids See Ghosts with Kid Cudi. The new 7-minute project, titled kidsloveghosts, employs the same kind of creative production as his debut album Everything and latest project Spacesuit with J’von.

The most salient effect in the project is the vocal processing on Cudi and West, along with the instrumental additions. Lido also adds his own vocals to the mix, imparting some much-needed personal connection with the work.

The whole thing comes to an incredibly brilliant climax toward the end with a remix of “Freeee.” It’s all available for free download on his website now.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage