Rapper XXXtentacion was shot dead today and the music world is left in all kinds of shock.

Artists in the EDM community including JauzDeorroCarnage and Medasin are speaking out on social media following the horrific crime, as are musicians from other genres including big names like Kanye West and Travis Barker.

Right now, Twitter is flooded with comments on the rapper’s death. His fans are saddened, his haters seem happy, and there’s another set of people confused as to why anyone would wish death onto another, no matter how troubled their past may be.

Leading up to his death, XXXtentacion didn’t exactly carry the best reputation. XXX had been awaiting trial for the alleged domestic abuse of his pregnant girlfriend and was recently at the center of Spotify’s since-rolled-back “Hateful Conduct” policy. He reportedly had more than a dozen felonies to his name.

However, many fans and artists believe he was trying to change for the better. Unfortunately, now we’ll never know.

#RIPXXXTentacion is currently trending on social platforms. Here’s what EDM has to say…

Artists Speak Out Following XXXtentacion’s Death