From the creative mind and visionary behind Rezz‘s “Mass Manipulation” comic book comes another trippy project that we can’t wait to get our hands on! Illustrator Luis Colindres just hit us with his very own EDM-inspired coloring book entitled “Dropping Color.”

The Chicago-based artist funded the entire project through Kickstarter, proving there’s already a huge demand for his work after his 60 page, full-length comic book made in collaboration with Rezz. As fans discovered his work, they were opened to a whole new world and another dimension of the mau5trap producer’s imagery.

On the back cover, “Dropping Color” is described as follows: Take a psychedelic mindtrip into the world of Luis Colindres! Become a part of his fluid lifework as you add your own personal touch of color. Featuring some past illustrations and over 20 drawings exclusively for this coloring book!

Colindres has a way of making the dark and own strangely approachable. Creepy eyeballs, haunted robots, and fanged monsters are only the beginning of what you’ll find in “Dropping Color” — and it’s all up to you to

Pre-order “Dropping Color” here for just $20 and go crazy! Think outside the box, but stay within the lines!

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Dropping Color


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