Instagram is one of the most addictive apps and a new study backs it up, at least among Android users.

According to this new research, we’re almost just as obsessed with Insta as we are to the leading social media platform, Facebook — which just so happens to own the photo/video sharing app as well.

Similar Web found that users in the US spent nearly as much time on Instagram’s Android app as they did on Facebook over the month of June 2018. Plus, Instagram’s new long-form video feature could have people spending even more time on the app.

Breaking it down, approximately 53 minutes per day on the Android app, compared to 58 minutes per day on Facebook. That’s up to 2 hours per day on social media already for people who regularly use both platforms, not to mention Snapchat.

Despite ongoing criticism of Snap and reports that millennials are logging off more than ever, people are still using the app close to 49.5 minutes per day.

Overall, all three social media giants — Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat — have seen growth in average engagement over the last year. That means more eyes have been on their advertisements, too.

It should be noted, FB and Insta are both working on ways for users to track their time spent on the apps to help promote healthier living habits and curb extreme social media use. Stay tuned.


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