It was recently revealed that deadmau5’s next car to add to his collection would be another McLaren, the new sleek and sexy Senna. Rated at 789 horsepower with a twin-turbo V8, it’s a beast of a machine.

YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins took an in-depth look at the new hypercar, and it’s clearly better in person than it is on paper. Then again, it’s going to cost you a cool $960,000 USD to get your hands on one. Not that it would matter: it’s all sold out.

According to VV, the Senna is all about saving weight and creating aerodynamic efficiency. The entirety of the inner components – including seats, steering wheel, etc. – weight just 132 pounds. In a really cool move, the ignition is on the ceiling of the interior, making for a truly ‘spaceship’-esque feel to the whole experience.

“The only complaint I have about the Senna… is that I don’t have one.”

Same, dude.

Check out the full review below.