Instagram Stories are all the rave right now. Apparently the app has gained a significant edge on its main competitor Snapchat, with nearly double the amount of total daily users.

According to a new report via CNN, the Facebook-owned platform has peaked at more than 400 million active daily users, a staggering and commanding number up from 250 million just last year. Meanwhile, Snapchat has reached 191 million active users per day.

What’s more — overall, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users.

When Instagram first launched its Stories feature in 2016, many saw the app as a straight up copy cat of Snapchat. In many ways, that was true, but the app has adapted and grown accordingly with its users in ways Snap hasn’t been able to match.

Big name artists and other public figures have been vocal about their switch. What about you? Do you tend to favor Instagram Stories or Snapchat more?

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Source: CNN