Dillon Francis continues to roll out the directors cut editions of his One Deeper Talks with DJ Hanzel, and we find ourselves continuing to ask why these weren’t released as such in the first place. It’s a digital series – there was no reason they had to be capped at 2 minutes 30 seconds.

But honestly, we’re just happy that we’re seeing these at all.

Having already shared Directors Cuts from his interviews with Calvin Harris and Alesso, the next one up on the list is Jauz. The whole premise of the interview is that Hanzel thought he’d be interviewing John Williams, the composer for the theme song of the movieĀ Jaws. It’s with that central theme in mind that the interview is built upon, which just makes his interactions with Jauz all the more funny.

Check out the extended interview below, and get caught up on the other directors talks here: Calvin Harris // Alesso.