Tomorrowland 2018 is fast approaching with only a little more than two weeks until the first weekend commences. While we’re sure most ravers have been busy preparing their outfits, there’s been one crucial piece of information missing from their preparation experience: set times.

With 18 days left until the festival, the set times have been revealed, and there’s a LOT to go through. With 16 stages¬†each day of the festival, three days a weekend, and two weekends of music, the prospect of narrowing down who you’re going to see seems especially daunting.

Thankfully, Tomorrowland gives you a couple different ways of visualizing, conceptualizing, and analyzing the schedule. Via their website, you can view the set times by overall timetable, by stage, or by artist. Each way will offer a different perspective and might reveal some conflicts or loop holes you didn’t previously make not of.

As you prepare for your own Tomorrowland experience, don’t neglect to go over the set times to avoid a serious case of FOMO when it’s all said and done.