Ultra Music Festival has a prime location at Bayfront Park, ideal for throwing one of the biggest parties on the planet. But now, its contract is up and the future looks uncertain.

Later this month, commissioners are expected to consider a five-year-deal with Ultra Music Festival. There’s a lot to consider on both sides, but not a lot of time as the meeting is scheduled for July 26.

Downtown residents have complained for years of the noise and traffic and it seems that’s finally all catching up with Ultra. On the flip side, the event is considered the “Art Basel of electronic dance music festivals,” bringing in millions worth of business to the area every year.

Organizers will have to pony up a lot of dough if they want to keep the three-day festival going at its signature waterfront location. The city of Miami is apparently asking for double the current cost of staging the event from here on out — a $2 million per year minimum.

Even then, complaints about noise, traffic, and construction might be enough to force the event out of the area.

So, will Ultra stay at Bayfront Park or not? Soon enough, we’ll know for sure.


Source: Miami Herald | Photo via Philippe Wuyts Photography