Apple Music or Spotify? These are the two biggest music streaming platforms available — and while it’s best to test them out for yourself, it’s also good to know what you’re getting into.

As outlined by Business Insider, there are many factors to keep in mind when deciding which platform is music to your ears. Are you more about audio options or album exclusives? How important are music charts to you? Those are just some questions to consider when choosing the music app that’s right for you.

The clear winner in the breakdown via Business Insider is Spotify (see below). But, again, it’s smart to check out both applications firsthand in order to make the best decision. Keep in mind, updates are frequent and these features are subject to change.

Both apps have free trial versions so you can find your own rhythm and enjoy music to the fullest!

Get Spotify here and Apple Music here.

Spotify vs. Apple Music


– Pricing is not likely to be a factor, considering both services offer student plans starting at $4.99 per month, individual plans for $9.99 per month, and family plans for $14.99 per month.


– Apple Music starts off by asking you to select the genres and artists you’re interested in. However, Spotify simply does a better job of making recommendations than Apple Music. 

– Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ is one of its strongest features.


– Both of the browse tabs are pretty similar — these serve as the hubs where you’ll find new music, playlists, videos, and concerts.


– When it comes to organization and user friendly navigation, Apple Music is king. 

– Both services give the option to save and download music you have saved to your library.

– As far as the music-playing interface goes, both apps pretty much look the same.


– You can set an equalizer for either app, but Spotify’s is easier to locate and allows you to customize the actual frequency response curve in addition to using a pre-made EQ setting.

– Apple’s EQ is located outside of the app, in the phone’s music settings.


– Both apps have top charts, but Spotify’s is a little more detailed.

-Spotify’s top chart allows you to break it down by country or globally, and also shows you the ‘viral’ 50. 


– Both apps let you see what your friends have been listening to recently, and what playlists they have made public. 

– Tinder uses Spotify integration, if you really want potential matches to see your musical tastes.


– Spotify will show you upcoming concerts nearby based on your listening habits. Apple Music will link to Bandsintown.

– Both apps have video sections — but you might not feel very inclined to use them.

– Apple Music has some album exclusives from time to time.


Source: Business Insider