File this under “headlines I didn’t expect to write today.” I didn’t even know that Scarlett Johannson (yes, that Scarlett Johansson) was making music, yet here we are in 2018 when Feed Me has remixed her new song “Bad Dreams” with Pete Yorn.

As random as the pairing sounds, the end result is definitely worth the confused look on your face right about now. But don’t settle in just yet, because Feed Me approaches this remix with more of a future bass lean than you’re probably used to from him.

All in all, the “Bad Dreams” remix still has a solid blend of melodic bass and future bass in the mix, but as our office so graciously reminded me, it’s no Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain. (I neglected to tell them that EP was 6 years ago.)

Check out Feed Me’s new remix below!


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