Streaming services have changed the music industry forever, and Spotify is one of the industry’s biggest innovators. Their official playlists have become very influential, but major record labels are upset with them. Why? According to a Business Insider article, the labels want more of their music on Spotify’s playlists.

Business Insider received the tip from analysts at Deutsche Bank. According to the analysts, the three major record record labels—Sony, Warner and Universal—aren’t happy with Spotify’s playlists selection. Apparently the labels want more of their songs on the playlists, which now make up 30 percent of Spotify’s total plays. Ultimately, the labels fear losing influence as the playlists grow larger and more influential.

These may sound like crocodile tears to us regular people, and we’re curious how labels may respond to Spotify’s playlists in the future. Spotify’s curated playlists feature artists ranging from titans like Drake and Kanye West to relative unknowns and up-and-comers. The playlists help rising artists find an audience and get more popular, something labels have historically done for artists in the past. Will playlists impact labels from snagging rising artists? Perhaps.

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