After releasing a new EP for his record label, deadmau5 is showing no signs of slowing down. His next venture? Collaborating with vocalist and fellow Canadian Lights, apparently.

Deadmau5 teased the collaboration in a response to a fan tweet. It’s a bit odd to see deadmau5 announcing a collaboration in response to a tweet, but that seems like a new way to market these days. Or in this case, deadmau5 just doesn’t mind spilling the beans. Lights also tweeted a series of the enigmatic “shady eye” emojis in response to deadmau5’s tweet.

This marks a lot of activity for deadmau5 lately. Deadmau5 released “Monophobia” with Rob Swire as part of the Mau5ville: Level 1 EP. After teasing the Lights collaboration, deadmau5 hopped on his livestream to tease a bit of the follow-up Mau5ville: Level 2 EP. Perhaps the Lights collaboration will feature on the new EP? Whatever the case, we cannot wait for new music from the mau5.


Cover Photo: Rukes