Spag Heddy has perpetually proven himself to be one of bass music’s most interesting producers, so his new track out today, “Ernstig,” comes as no surprise.

While most bass producers will lean toward Rick and Morty for vocal samples these days, Spag Heddy has gone toward another modern animated masterpiece for his inspiration: One-Punch Man.

Spag Heddy explains, “The vocal in Ernstig is from a tragic scene of One-Punch Man where the hero Mumen Rider takes his last stand against a villain. He’s a weak hero, who always gets beaten in one punch no matter how hard he tries. Yet he is incredibly determined, with the desire to do good, and never backs down, even at the cost of his own life. I have only watched a little of the show but this really kept hanging in my mind for days, and I wanted to make it the theme of a song. It fit perfectly in this super aggressive project I had started, and Ernstig was born.”

“Ernstig” is Dutch for “serious,” which bridges Spag Heddy’s own history with another trope from the show. The song itself is suspenseful and carries with it a sense of urgency and importance, before of course dropping into a wildly filthy and powerful drop.

It’s hard to think of many tracks in dubstep that take song structure and inspiration into this much consideration, but Spag Heddy has a history of going above and beyond the call of duty. Check out “Ernstig” below.