It’s safe to say that Skrillex fans are rarely satiated by the little snippets of music or clips that might infrequently leak from various sources. Sure, Skrillex produces and writes for other artists more than not these days, but original tracks like “Would You Ever” are few and far between. Thankfully, according to Yultron, there are a bunch of new Skrillex songs at least done, if not on the way, that are going to “change the game.”

Yultron tweeted earlier this week that he had the opportunity to hang with Skrillex and listen to a “bunch of his new songs,” which both inspires deep jealousy in us as well as hope that Sonny is finally going to be putting out new music.

Of course, the fate of these tracks is entirely unknown. The Skrillex community knows better than most that the producer is one of the worst when it comes to playing out insane IDs at shows that never end up being released.

At the end of the day, this is but a tweet, but it at least provides some crucial information: Skrillex is still working hard in the studio, and his new music is sure to blow us away… whenever that may be.