Singers and songwriters John & Michel, aka John Martin & Michel Zitron, are two wildly accomplished musicians with plenty of original tracks and features to their names. Together, they contributed to Martin Garrix’s “Now That I’ve Found You,” and John Martin is the phenomenal featured vocalist on Swedish House Mafia’s hit “Don’t You Worry Child.”

Now, the duo are starting on a new adventure together as Vcation, a new project announced this past month. They’ve announced they have a new single called “Lay Low” coming out this Friday, but have only posted small clips of it so far.

We also have to wonder if the timing of their rebrand has anything to do with the recent surge of rumors surrounding a Swedish House Mafia world tour. As vocalist favorites of the group, and with the possibility of new music on the horizon, there are various puzzle pieces that could fit together quite nicely.

No matter the case, they’ll probably be receiving major support from some of the top players in house and dance pop along their journey. Check out a preview of “Lay Low” below.



Posted by Vcation on Friday, July 13, 2018