Tony Fresch, aka Dr. Fresch, has had quite the come up in the Los Angeles music scene. Starting his career as a prolific USC DJ, he transitioned from college act to producing his own tunes under Dr. Fresch several years back and the EDM world can’t get enough of this doctor’s infectious dark sounds. One of the figureheads of the midtempo scene, Dr. Fresch has carved a niche for himself with remixes of Eminem’s “Without Me,” Eazy-E’s “Gangsta Gangsta,” and a grip more of his takes on hip hop tunes.

He now drops his highly anticipated¬†No Introduction¬†EP on Insomniac Records, who have been striving for quality from the best names in the business. Dr. Fresch’s four track EP takes his signature sound and expands on it like the title track “No Introduction” and “Fire,” which stay true to a more dance music production style.

“Feedback” ft Mina Knock could almost be mistaken for a remix in his hip hop style of remixing till you realize the vocal was made especially for this track. The last track of the EP takes the bpm up just a little higher. Collaborating with Jacknife, “Blow Up” contains the dark essence of a Dr. Fresch house track with all the hallmark vocal hits and fills that really give his sounds character. Without a doubt, one of the best releases from Insomniac yet.

Check it out below.