It’s hard to believe that nearly four months have gone by since the death of world-class producer, musician and celebrity Avicii. His death, though not ultimately surprising, shocked many by the young age at which he passed. Avicii had a history of health problems relating to being overworked and partaking in drinking and drugs, but seemed to have been on a better path after announcing his retirement from touring in 2016.

It is ultimately the touring, and his manager Ash Pournouri, that Avicii’s step-father, Tommy Körberg, now blames for his death. In a recent interview in the podcast “Värvet,” Körberg, is father to Avicii’s half-brother Anton Körberg, spoke about the sorrow and the artist’s tough last year.

“You do not book 900 gig in eight years for a young man,” he said in his native Swedish. “It was very unfortunate. When I worked in London there was such pressure, but there were replacements that could enter. That wasn’t the case in his industry. So many people depended on him. If he did not work then they have no jobs, it’s not good.”

Körberg blamed Pournouri’s greed as a main reason for his step-son’s death, as well. “If he had a professional artist company, he would be alive today. When greed and stupidity go hand in hand, anything can happen, especially unfortunate things. There is no wicked damn man who records 900 gigs in eight years, think about flipping around there,” he said.

When Pournouri became aware of Körberg’s criticism, he said he didn’t recognize the man about whom he was speaking.

“Such a statement shows that it was based on the most limited impression of me and did not know the circumstances or him correctly,” Pournouri said. “It’s a categorical statement from a person who has not participated in our work process or team, which draws a personal and wrong conclusion about my and Tim’s relationship, cooperation and his death.”

Avicii’s funeral was held in June in a private ceremony at the Skogskyrkogården cemetery in Stockholm. According to publicist Ebba Lindqvist, “Only his family and closest friends were present.”