One of the best, newly formed musical groups we’ve been treated to in 2018 is most definitely LSD. The sounds of Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo are as smooth as butter and as trippy as, well, you know…

So far, the freakishly talented trio has released two singles together, “Genius” and “Audio,” each comprised of clever lyrics and catchy melodies and as fantastic as the next. Now, there’s another on the horizon as LSD preps us for “Thunderclouds.”

Just 30 seconds in and it’s already apparent they’ve struck gold again. Each artist’s unique style melts together for an unparalleled result, showcasing the vocals of Labrinth and Sia whilst tapping into Diplo’s superproducer powers. Plus, their visualization brings the single to life as viewers are able to tap into their very own tripped out wonderland.

Get ready, “Thunderclouds” will appear this Thursday! Preview right here and let us know your thoughts!

LSD – Thunderclouds