Iggy Azalea has been dropping new heat on us left and right, and next up she has announced plans to put out a track with UK producer DJ Fresh. Apparently the two have been working together, exchanging ideas for years, so an official release is only a matter of time.

Hot off her Survive The Summer EP, Iggy’s sound is exactly where she wants it and she’s on the brink of a well overdue tour. She has taken her time to carefully plan her next strike, and it sounds like her DJ Fresh collaboration will finally come to fruition.

She dished to Idolator about the tune she expects to release sometime this month:

“I’m really excited for that,” she continues. “I really like the music DJ Fresh makes. I like the EDM sound still and I always will like those electronic elements. I think it’s good for me to collaborate with him, because it gives me a chance to go back into that world without it having to be on my project. It gives me the freedom to keep things very rap heavy and aggressive on my own project, but do something still in that other lane that I like so much.”

And on how this single really has been years in the making:

“That man has sent me beats, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, I don’t really like this one’ or ‘not quite,'” she says. “Sometimes he’ll send me something and I’ll love it, and I’ll send back a verse and he’ll be like, ‘No, I don’t love the verse. I’ll pass.’ We have tried to collaborate like four or five times, once a year or once every two years since probably about 2013, he has sent me something. Then finally he sent me this song, and I was like, ‘Yes, this is the one.’ So I wrote my verse and he liked this one and it worked out.”

For anyone questioning the rapper’s appreciation for EDM, check out her 2012 Trapgold mixtape which features music from Diplo, Bro Safari, Flosstradamus and more. Plus, her track “Golddust” samples the og track from DJ Fresh. She knows what’s up.

Expect to hear a fresh new sound from Iggy Azalea soon!


Source: Idolator