The next iteration of the iPhone series is due to be revealed next month in September, but as usual, tech guru and master vlogger MKBHD has us covered with some early reviews of beta models of the new phone.

Following the rumors of the past year, there will very likely be three new models: a base model iPhone X with some upgraded specs; a sort of X Plus which will feature a 6.5″ display, which is a large upgrade over the 5.8″ of the base phone. Finally, there will be an iPhone X “Lite” as MKBHD is calling it for now, which be smaller than the base model, and is expected to use an LCD display. However, the Lite is expected to come in a bunch of new colors, much like the 5c.

The phones’ sizes are likely to reflect their prices, with the Plus expected to come in at $100-200 more than the base, and the Lite at around $700-800. However, as MKBHD notes, “There are a lot of things Apple will be doing to make it feel and make you know it’s the cheaper one.”

The benefit of Apple’s connective network has made it popular among producers who work from their laptops and phones almost exclusively, so expect a bunch of DJs to be rocking these new phones come 2019.

Check out the full review from MKBHD below.


Photo via MKBHD