Irene by Medasin isn’t your typical EDM album. In fact, it wouldn’t even be right to call it an EDM album in the first place. Though it’s produced electronically (for the most part), the bulk of the album utilizes jazz, classical, and natural elements in its composition and rarely employs drops, breaks, or any of the components that typical make an “EDM song” what it is.

That being said, Irene is a worthy listen. Spanning 9 tracks and just over 20 minutes, it’s a quick listen that will leave you wanting more. As you might expect, the album was named after someone who was important in Medasin’s life and plays out like an actual story. If you read the track titles, it’s not hard to map out: “Ramen” is probably their first date, “Warm Blue” is the kind of serenity you feel when you finally feel comfortable with a new person, and “Tired” might be toward the end when it all just becomes too much.

This is all conjecture of course, but it’s more than likely that Medasin has left it all up to interpretation anyhow.

While not particularly the kind of music this writer would prefer to see live, it’s brilliant to throw on while working at home or just chilling with friends. Check out Irene now.

In support of his new album, Medasin will also be heading out on a headlining tour across North America. Find tour dates below.

Irene Tour Dates (tickets):
9/27 – Calgary, AB
9/28 – Edmonton, AB
9/29 – Vancouver, BC
10/3 – San Luis Obisbo, CA
10/4 – Santa Barbara, CA
10/5 – Portland, OR
10/6 – Los Angeles, CA
10/11 – Ann Arbor, MI
10/12 – Minneapolis, MN
10/13 – Chicago, IL
10/18 – Bloomington, IN
10/19 – Toronto, ON
10/20 – Montreal, QC
10/25 – Houston, TX
10/26 – Austin, TX
11/2 – Atlanta, GA
11/3 – Boulder, CO
11/7 – Washington DC
11/8 – South Burlington, VT
11/9 – Syracuse, NY
11/10 – Williamsburg, NY
11/15 – Bellingham, WA
11/16 – Seattle, WA
11/17 – San Francisco, CA