It seems that whenever a celebrity begins or reignites a DJ career, it’s up to them to prove their ability in doing so. It’s not something that bedroom producers are routinely subjected to, making it a bit of a double standard, but we understand where they’re coming from. And yet, plenty of celebrities and “non-DJs” have proven themselves at their craft: Shaq, Elijah Wood, Kristian Nairn, even the CEO for Goldman Sachs. Included in that list is Idris Elba, expected to be the next to don the mantle of 007.

Idris Elba has been performing as a DJ for years, most recently making an appearance at Tomorrowland, and has even produced a couple tunes. For the latest bit of proof, he’s done a full 60-minute set for Radar Radio; and though it has no reflection on his DJ ability, his hybrid Cockney accent definitely inspires a bit of implicit faith.

Elba opens with his own remix of “Circles” by Natalie Wood & N:Fostell, and from there he continues on a path of house domination. You’d do well to give Idris a shot in this hour-long journey. Check it out below!