A week after Ocean Remixes Vol 2 and three weeks after Vol 1, Don Diablo has released his own remix of the pop collaboration between Martin Garrix and Khalid unencumbered by any other artists.

Don Diablo’s “Ocean” remix is pretty much exactly what you’d expect from the Dutch DJ: lots of the same future house synths and rhythm used in a lot of his other tracks. It’s a well-produced track by anyone’s barometer, but it lacks a lot of originality that Don was known for in years past. He’s seemingly found himself in a groove that he can’t escape – and for people who like that sound, it’s awesome. For those of us who perhaps want something new after the third or fourth track, it’s just a tad disappointing.

Don Diablo’s remix of “Ocean” is out now – check it out below.


Photo via Rukes.com