2018 seems to be the year of new talent that’s continually catching everybody by surprise. As August rolls through like a heavily-anticipated catalogue of catastrophic crate weapons, Night Shift takes the floor.

New blood comes in waves, but new blood with enough sharp edges to slice through speakers large and small in a way achieved by only those with the experience of a producer of 10-20 years, is actually quite rare. Night Shift, fits that description with absolute precision. With his debut release on Get Hype Records entitled “Late Nights” with Seta being a massive success with international DJ support from the biggest of drum and bass figureheads and local listeners alike, drum and bass fans have been patiently awaiting the reawakening of this eccentric new producer since his inception in March.

Recently, he’s championed a brand new official remix for the likes of Gorgon City, a feat not easily accomplished. Now, he’s cut through with a brand new original entitled “War” with Dread MC that’s sure to make an exponential mark across all recipient platforms.

Normally, it takes producers years and years of painstakingly hard attention to detail and technical endurance to create a signature “sound” that relays listeners directly back to the producer they feel encompass that sound, when in the search for a tune ID. This, is fortunately not the case at all for Night Shift. He’s attached himself to his own prolific sound with ease. Be prepared for Night Shift, one of the most promising producers of this decade.

We at Your EDM had a sit down with the man himself.

Hey man! Sick to be having a chat with you guy. How goes it?

It goes well. It’s a straight up hype thing- a- ling so man’s in a spread love and dnb “War” path. 

You seem to have been quite busy! This new release is absolutely bananas. Tell us a bit about it.

I have been busy for a few years now but now the universe has sorted me a home to play my music and build my hype. This release is simple, it does what it says on the tin…. “War.” 

How has life been since the premiere of your first release on Get Hype?

Life is good.. a little more pressure but nothing I can’t handle. I have a few good ideas that need finishing and I am starting to gig -playing the Dubtendo tent at BoomTown. I am filling this out on my way , so you can imagine how serious this is for me. Boomtown is massive, big ups the Rumble In The Jungle Crew for having me down, exciting times ahead. 

How do your normal studio days go down? Do you normally finish tunes quite quickly, or are they a lengthy process?

“War” was two years in the making and in the last two years I have excoriated my production to another level that I personally have never achieved and I have an amazing group of friends around me who share support and production tips when I occasionally get stuck. Typically 2 years, a month or a week , sorry how long is a piece of string ;)?

If you had to name 3 producers to collaborate with, who would it be?

Danny Byrd, S.P.Y, Break no doubt. 

Who found who? Did you find The Prototypes, or did they discover you?

They discovered me. Them chaps have their finger on the pulse they listen even when you think they’re not! Nick and Chris “Prototypes” have great talent to spot great talent and their whole team is vibes and energy and over the next year you’ll see what I am taking about.

Lastly, are there any big releases for 2018 left that you’d be willing to tease the fans with?

Yeah there are a few floating around to be honest when I get back from BoomTown there’s a track called “The Millipede” that needs finishing watch out for that one it will take you “straight into the jungle night.” Peace and Love everyone.