Earlier this month, deadmau5 tweeted about the Wonder Bible, the infamous As seen on TV audio bible. Deadmau5 said he couldn’t wait until someone circuit bent the audio bible (circuit bending changes a hardware’s circuits to create new sounds and instruments). Then, fans of YouTuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER tagged the circuit bending wizard on deadmau5’s tweet. Turns out LOOK MUM was up for the challenge.

LOOK MUM has successfully circuit bent the Wonder Bible, documenting the finished product with a new video. In the video, LOOK MUM explains the Wonder Bible’s architecture made it near impossible to circuit bend it. He had to reverse engineer the hardware to circuit bend it, but the results are amazing.

LOOK MUM connects the circuit-bent Wonder Bible to some gear to create some great on-the-fly rhythms and patterns. The circuit bending allows the Wonder Bible’s audio to be played, reversed, sped up, slowed down and manipulated in countless ways. The video shows the circuit bending’s full capabilities, with LOOK MUM sampling the distorted audio to match up perfectly with bass and percussion.

LOOK MUM even offered to send deadmau5 the circuit-bent Wonder Bible. Luckily, deadmau5 asked to have the new Wonder Bible before LOOK MUM posted the video. Talk about a happy ending for all.

It may upset some sensitive Christians (not like Bassnectar hasn’t done that already), but we have to admit: the circuit-bent Wonder Bible is a production and engineering marvel. Watch the full video below:


Cover Photo: Rukes