mau5ville: Level 1 brought us the latest collaboration between deadmau5 and Rob Swire, music from Getter and GTA, plus “Monophobia” remixes from mau5trap associated acts ATTLASRinzen and Latroit — and the compilation series is only just getting started!

Soon enough, the new release series will level up, as a revealing social media post confirms Level 2 is on the horizon. From the sounds of it, fans will finally get one of their favorite unreleased treasures from deadmau5, as “Midas’ Heel” plays out with confidence in the teaser below.

One of China’s leading streaming platforms, Netease Cloud Music, also made a recent announcement that has caught the attention of dance music fans everywhere. The platform expects mau5ville: Level 2 to drop September 23rd, along with the launch of a deadmau5 world tour.

Netease Cloud Music claims mau5ville: Level 3 is in the works and will be released sometime during the potential deadmau5 2018 – 2019 tour run. The post also mentions these forthcoming mau5ville releases will feature 40 songs from 100 total musicians, though that seems a little excessive.

Until we hear it from the mau5 himself, we can’t be 100% sure on all of this, but at the very least we can expect mau5ville: Level 2 in the near future. Get ready for even moar music from deadmau5 and friends coming soon!


mau5ville: Level 2

Midas’ Heel Confirmed for Mau5ville: Level 2 from deadmau5

"Mau5ville: Level 2 will be released on September 23rd, alongside with the launch of Deadmau5’s world tour. Mau5ville: Level 3 will be released during his world tour 2018-2019" – Some Chinese streaming platform (translated) from deadmau5


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