After an entire year of silence, Dog Blood just posted on Instagram, which has Skrillex and Boys Noize fan bases in a frenzy hoping for new music from these electronic heavyweights.

The last time the official account updated, it was a clip of the “Wild for the Night Remix” from their epic show at HARD Summer last August. Their set was easily one of the most talked about of the entire year and we’ve been begging for more ever since.

The new post features a fan repping a Dog Blood tattoo proudly. The caption reads “4 Lyfe.”¬†Subreddit¬†r/skrillex was quick to jump on the share and spark up some discussion.

Both producers have been staying busy in studio working on various projects, but earlier this year they were spotted cooking up something together — which leads us to believe there is some forthcoming music between the two in the works.

Could this tattoo mark the return of the duo? We sure hope so.

Dog Blood On Instagram

4 Lyfe

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Photo via Oh Dag Yo