Sexual harassment is a major problem at music festivals — and a new study has exposed some extremely upsetting statistics.

According to Durham University research, 30% of women say they have been sexually harassed and 10% sexually assaulted. Safety at music festivals is a huge concern, as almost seven out of 10 women worry about potential sexual advances at events across the UK.

The numbers are much lower among men respondents. About 5% say they have been sexually harassed and 1% sexually assaulted. Still, the fear exists to some degree, regardless of gender.

Theft and physical violence are also big concerns of the 258 surveyed (so far).

Mel Kelly of Safe Gigs for Women is speaking out about the findings: “These figures are shocking but not surprising as this is just more evidence that women fear for their safety at live music festivals. This fits anecdotally with what we hear every day … Hopefully organisers hear this and respond appropriately.”

Durham University Study Breakdown

Worried about…
Theft – 64%

Physical violence – 53%
Sexual harassment – 65%
Sexual assault – 66%


Source: The Guardian