Arguably one of the biggest tracks of RIOT’s career, their collaboration “Wake Up” with Kayzo launched them even further ahead in the bass game with wild rhythms and intense sounds. Now, a little over a year and a half later, the Israeli duo have dropped their own special VIP of the hit track that promises to completely destroy those socks that were already knocked off.

The first drop in the track is a modified dubstep drop of the original with heavier, more elongated synths and a more discordant bassline. It’s more textured and noisey, and also brings in a double-time bounce rhythm to truly shake things up. But as fans of RIOT are aware, their second drops always aim to outdo the first…

That tell-tale synth in the build of the second drop should be all it takes to let you know that you’re about to hear some drum & bass, and sure enough, they deliver. The bombastic percussion hits your chest like a volley of bullets in an execution and you’re lucky if you’re left alive after.

“We’ve been talking about making a VIP version for this track for a long time now, ultimately we decided to get out of our comfort zone and have as much fun as we can with it!” – RIOT

Check out the “Wake Up (RIOT VIP)” below!