A new marijuana dispensary in Koreatown, Los Angeles has opened up. It’s nothing new in the city, dispensaries are always coming and going. The issue with this particular dispensary is its name and branding, which strongly (read: exactly) resemble that of producer/DJ, Kaskade.

The Kaskade Collective sells a variety of cannabis products, from flower to edibles. Unfortunately, the name Kaskade is trademarked by the DJ, who also happens to be a devout Mormon – a religion which has explicitly banned cannabis since 1915.

The association between the DJ and the Collective is troublesome for the former and his team, who were “taken by surprise” when they learned of the dispensary’s existence. Magnetic Mag reached out to Kaskade’s team, who said that the dispensary has agreed to change its name in the next five days, avoiding legal action.

It’s hard to believe the dispensary wasn’t aware of who Kaskade was, considering his name is often plastered on billboards all across Hollywood. Nevertheless, this story seems to have a happy ending.

Here’s DJ Kaskade’s logo for comparison.

Posted by Kaskade on Tuesday, July 31, 2018


H/T Magnetic MagazinePhoto via Rukes.com