One of the hottest collabs of the summer has been totally recharged for this brand new, five-track remix pack! So no matter your style, there’s something here you can kick it to!

“Jackie Chan” by Tiësto and Dzeko with Post Malone and Preme, with all its star power, stands on its own as it is — M-22, Lookas, Hugel and Sebastian Perez all hear it a little differently, each worth a good listen. And, to top it all off, the legend Tiësto has taken the track out for another spin himself especially for the occasion.

Most of remixes are kept at an agreeable house speed, but each rock an entirely different vibe. Lookas noticeably takes the biggest risk, shifting the BPM for a trap-charged beat. There really is no right or wrong here, and each remix is just as infectious as the next (thanks to Post Malone). But, we gotta say — Tiësto certainly knows what’s up. His new version is an easy favorite.

Listen to “Jackie Chan” in five new ways and let us know what you think!

“Jackie Chan” Remixes

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