Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that there existed drone footage of Swedish House Mafia’s Ultra Music Festival 2018 reunion… how much would you pay for that footage? And not even the entire set – just 44 seconds. Probably $20 max, right? Well, SkyLabs, a tech company specializing in innovation with an arm for drones, is currently selling that footage for a lot more.

The footage was uploaded to Videoblocks.com, a subscription website that deals in photos, videos, and audio. A normal subscription will run you $39/mo, but even with a subscription, you’ll still have to put down $199 for the video. And if you’re not a subscriber? You can still get it, but the price goes up to $329.

So far, predictably, no one has ponied up the dough. You can see the footage here for what it’s worth, but you’re better off just watching this rip of the live stream instead.


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra