Earlier this week, Alesso announced he’s be releasing a new single today entitled “Remedy.” In speaking with Billboard Dance, he said, “I always strive to create music that feels a year ahead, and ‘Remedy’ sounds like 2019 already to me. So launching the track and creating future progressive music, with such a progressive team [10:22pm] is a perfect fit for me.”

Well, “Remedy” with Conor Maynard (who is curiously absent from the Spotify credits) is out now and I’m here to say: it’s pop. It’s not future progressive, and it most certainly does not sound like 2019. It’s your pretty basic, run of the mill pop music.

“Remedy” isn’t a bad song, let’s get that out of the way right now. If it came up on the radio, it’s not like I’d be racing for the dial to change the channel. But to label it as so inspired and futuristic that it’s essentially “a year ahead of its time” is ironically shortsighted. It has a vaguely dancehall-like rhythm, which Major Lazer has already more than saturated on pop radio, as well as pop male vocals and a soft piano notes. Nothing about this song is progressive or innovative as much as Alesso would like to claim it is.

Again, “Remedy” is not a bad song, and I’d still jam out to it on a drive to the grocery store. But for Alesso to say “I always strive to create music that feels a year ahead,” I just don’t hear it.

Listen below and let me know if you agree.


Photo via Rukes.com