Fresh off the success of July’s critically praised single “3 Million,” Lido today drops his new track “Corner Love” featuring Norwegian Hip-Hop/R&B artist Unge Ferrari.

Though Lido’s album Everything came out in 2016, he’s been busy since then with remixes and new originals, including a new collaborative project with J’von called Spacesuit. Now with “3 Million” and “Corner Love,” we’re beginning to see the start of something new, but the overall form hasn’t taken shape just yet.

“Corner Love” shares thematic similarities with “3 Million,” so it’s not absurd to think they’re part of the same project. The new single out today features Lido’s signature soft vocals and creative instrumentation, as well as bringing in his childhood from Unge Ferrari for some added oomph.

“Me and Lido finally got back in the studio together in early 2018 to work on a secret project. But in the middle of it all…out of the blue…we ended up doing this beautiful song together. It’s always an honor to get to hang out with Lido, and an even greater honor to contribute with a verse.” – Unge Ferrari

Check out “Corner Love” below and keep an eye on Lido!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage