Everyone makes mistakes; and it’s important when viewing those mistakes as a superior or client to be able to take context into account and act accordingly, and not as a bully. Artist Chris Dyer was recently commissioned by Bassnectar’s team to create a flyer for an upcoming New Year’s Eve show, and the artist shared the concept sketch on his Instagram Stories. The information about the show wasn’t public yet, and, without doing so intentionally, Dyer still ended up leaking the show.

How Bassnectar responded shows a lot about his personality and how he responds to these situations. Rather than rolling with the punches (but still reprimanding or even firing Dyer as he may have deserved), he resorted to banal insults about Dyer’s work.

Dyer later apologized for his actions, though ultimately the apology given was rather empty and directionless. “So if I’ve hurt somebody I considered a friend,” Dyer wrote, “I sincerely apologize.”

Bassnectar, too, later set the record straight, admitting that he regretted his outburst, but challenging anyone in that situation to not act in a similar fashion. “Sorry to anyone who was disappointed to think that I’m not a human and I won’t react when someone screws us over,” Bassnectar wrote.

Looking over these tweets, apologies, and exchanges, it’s easy to see how both sides could be condemned for the actions. Ultimately, Bassnectar’s NYE show will still go on and Dyer will continue to make art, and neither will be worse for wear. But hopefully this situation has offered lessons to them both that they can take into other areas of their lives.

I made a humble mistake last week, so I’d like to explain myself and give my public apologies to a friend I might of hurt. Very recently I was asked to do a NYE event poster for the popular American dj @bassnectar . I met him 10 years ago, at a 200 person show in Montreal. He said he liked my art then and I had fun dancing to his set. Though I can’t honestly say I follow his music (Im more into collecting old vinyls), I’ve enjoyed dancing at his shows over the years and like him as a person when we’ve interacted. So I was stoked to do this poster for him! I did my first concept sketch right away and shared it on my story posts, as everything else I do. Soon after his manager calls to yell at me, as I had ruined some kind of surprise announcement I was unaware of. He never informed me about this (or made me sign a non-disclosure contract) when we discussed the poster. Usually people who hire me to do a poster appreciate when I help them get the word out. I have never been asked to keep a lineup or location secret. Since the manager didn’t ask me that neither, I obliviously shared my sketch. It was done with no malice, or as a leak to harm them, I just didn’t know about their announcement plots, stuff I don’t pay attention to in my busy life. So I was bummed to get yelled at and dismissed from the gig. But was extra sad to hear Lorin say mean things about me and my art on Twittter. I honestly don’t understand why the location/lineup of a show has to be kept secret from their fans, but I understand that they wanted to be the ones doing the announcement themselves. So if I’ve hurt somebody I considered a friend, I sincerely apologize. Harming fellow artists is the last thing I want to do. I wish they’d let me make it up to them by doing the sickest nye poster ever, but I understand they are mad at me and feel they need to punish me for my mistake. With all the horrible things going on our planet right now, I wish a show announcement coming out early, wouldn’t be such a big deal or a source for people to get so mad at fellow creators, but I accept their process and wish them the best! In the end this is just music n art to uplift the people, no need for drama or beef

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Photo via Rukes.com